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  1. I don't buy anything anymore from dev's anymore that keep adding features and updates to ipad versions while leaving the iphoneversions untouched.

    last iphone update was a year ago and it could use some
    basic improvements (like the crashing) I think while the ipadversion is far beyond basic.
    lot of devs do this

  2. Hopefully they've worked on 'knob feel' as that is one of the few weak spots in iSequence.


  3. gee, i dont get the guys complaining about advanced ipad apps,
    if you want little useful toys go shopping @ toysrus or something ( apple said they don't want more fart apps in the store – hurray for that )

  4. besides how to get all the stuff that is in the ipad version on that tiny iphone screen without hopping through x pages? would ruin the experience

  5. If anonymous would read my comment carefully you could notice I'm not talking about getting all ipads features on the ipod version,

    I was talking about things like the crashing of the iphone version,
    and that sometimes since the ipad arrived some iphone versions sadly seem to be forgotten.

    That explained as “wanting more fart apps”
    I must say spot on, exactly what my whole point was
    in a few words ­čÖé

  6. i bet advanced ipad apps are selling better than their less loved iphone counterparts;
    not only because they are more advanced, but because they've got the ergonomics right …

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