Thanks to iLpD for this tip:

I found how to audiocopy Technobox 2 if you got internet connection.
New NLog version got soundcloud IMPORT and audiocopy.
So somebody can share track from Technobox 2 to soundcloud than download it to NLog and audiocopy to other apps.

Yes it’s kinda painfull but better than nothing.

An excellent tip. If you’ve got one just let me know.

technoBox2 - Mike Janney Clip to Evernote


  1. I have a tip for “I am T-Pain”.
    Without opening it touch the icon for this app.
    All the apps on that page will get a small “x” in a black circle on the top left corner and start shaking.
    Click on the “x” on the “I am T-Pain” icon.
    Next you'll get a message:
    “Delete “I am T-Pain”?
    Click “Delete”
    That's it!

  2. @Sigmund


    I think I have a better universal tip though: whenever something is referring to T-Pain and you are downloading it (being under substances or something), when asked for your password press cancel. This tip not only saves you money, it can prevent your friends from going away and kids from throwing rocks at you in the streets.

  3. Thanks guy. Bought I am T-Pain just to check your amazeing tips 😀
    Good job!

    @kovsky – you can export wave to iTunes and copy to your computer.

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