This is a great piece from CDM supporting the Android music community. Really pleased to see it, and I found a few things in there that I hope will be useful on my Android device.

Read the whole thing here.

Think I might have a try at Pd for Android soon! Clip to Evernote


  1. I never understood this, is pd on android limited to writing apps with pdlib, or is there a way to do full-blown patch programming on an android device?

    I would be very interested in the latter…

  2. Libpd on Android and iOS is a library for programs to use.

    There is currently no graphical patching environment for creating Pd patches on either type of device.

    There is a Scene Player app for Android that is an analog to RjDj on iPhone without the networking part. With Scene Player you can open and play scenes (in .rj folders).

    Scenes can be authored on your computer using Pd Vanilla. Then you must transfer the scenes to your device. See the RjDj Composer pack for more details on authoring scenes.

    Scene Player app, some sample scenes and a link to the RjDj Composer Pack are available for download here

  3. Richard – thanks for the clarification.

    Since the engine is already there, I wonder why someone hasn't tried to port the patching interface, or better yet, create a patching interfaced that's tailored to iphone/android devices?

    Would definitely like to see that… especially on android, where the market is nascent enough that any well-done app (especially something as powerful as pd) has the potential to be game-changers.

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