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Apogee One with #iPad and Multitrack DAW App, and yes… Works! @harmonicdog Clip to Evernote


  1. 249$ + 650$…

    This multitrack recorder has better be really good if it costs more than an MPC500!! 😀

  2. @Robert

    I can't check my email, but there is 1000 other awesome things I can do that the ipad can't (like true velocity sensitivity or multiple outputs), but it doesn't play games 🙂

  3. Hi I'm the guy who did this !
    … And yes.. You have a lot of options for mobile recording under 100$
    I choose the ONE two years ago, and I use it mostly with my MacBook for record quickly ideas and demos, but it's cool have it working with iPad cause is more portable and quality for constant travel musician.

    By the end of this month apogee will release JAM and MIKE, input jack and microphone both compatible with Macs and iPads and more portable because you don't need the bridge with an external USB powered hub. Also the battery operated Alesis Studio dock is on the way, more flexible including MIDI.

    But for now this is a pristine sound solution! And more portable (if you're too lazy to get your MacBook on the road)
    I tried this connetion in the past without results, so I suspect that Apple include some kind of apogee driver or a better core audio driver with the release of iOS 4.3

    Thoughts ?

  4. @johnnyg0
    Sorry man but mpc500 pads just suck big time and velocity sensivity is terrible…
    And there is no multi outs in mpc500 – just stereo out.
    The workflow and features on 500 are terrible too. I'm glad I sold it.

  5. @iLpD

    But you can use the mpc500 on batteries!! lol 😀

    yeah I know its really cheap compared to the other models, I didn't know it couldn't do multi-out. I should've mentionned the mpc1000 instead.

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