I’ve been playing around with TechnoBox2 on my iPad and I have to say that I do really like it a lot. It is simple to use, easy to get to grips with and really quite slick, but also it is in many ways a long way behind where iOS apps  have got to.

Is that a bad thing? Not really, or at least I don’t think it is. At the end of the day, if a music app does what you want it to do to make the sounds and music you want to create then it is fine. It does the job, and if you want to use a couple of 303’s and drum machines with some simple FX then this is a great app.

technoBox2 - Mike Janney

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    – The sounds.
    – Performance interface. It's attractive and, even on the small screen of an iPhone or iPod, it's easy to make adjustments.
    – In-app support of SoundCloud.

    – No ACP.
    – Sequencer interface. I get it: this is how the original TB-303 was programmed. But it's still tedious, and while it might be workable for acid, I'm finding it hard to use for other styles of music.
    – I wish there were a jamming mode, where you could play the synths over the drums over vice versa.
    – I wish you could hear the notes while you were programming them, instead of waiting for them in the loop.

    I'm sorry that my list of frustrations is longer than my list of likes. It's not that the bad outweighs the good; it's that the bad things take more words to explain.

    Worth $5? Oh yeah.

  2. I found how to audiocopy Technobox 2 if you got internet connection.
    New NLog version got soundcloud IMPORT and audiocopy.
    So somebody can share track from Technobox 2 to soundcloud than download it to NLog and audiocopy to other apps.

    Yes it's kinda painfull but better than nothing.

  3. Is soundcloud the only way to export anything from
    Still dont understand the sequencer, I can find no logic,
    no matter what key i choose (c,f,e etc.) the tone stays the same?

  4. Well I've read the manual a few times and though
    I understand the description how the sequencer works
    I cant get anything done.
    I have some( mostly hardware) sequencing experience (rs7000,mc505,mp7)but this I realy do not understand

    the sound and controls are really good
    its respond of the knobs is very quick and smooth
    and a nice graph design

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