Here’s a new controller for the iPad:

Koushion is a new kind of MIDI controller for your iPad. While it looks deceptively similar to a simple Tone Matrix, this is no toy. Designed to be more versatile than the TENORI-ON*, Koushion is the next big thing in electronic music.


  • 16-step sequencer with adjustable timing. Each step can be as large as a whole note and as small as 1/32 note.
  • 8 selectable scenes/banks that can be played individually, simultaneously, or in automatic succession.
  • Each scene is assignable to any MIDI channel so you can control up to 8 MIDI instruments at once.
  • Improvising or playing along with a band? Dial a key and the notes will change to match the new key!
  • Syncs to any MIDI clock source available to your computer.
  • Works with all major (and not-so-major) MIDI-capable production software on your Mac or PC.
  • Perfect for adding some spice to a live set when paired with Ableton Live.

The app is priced at $9.99.

Koushion - Kudzu Creative Group

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  1. I cannot get this thing to connect to CoreMIDI via Wifi. My device does not appear in AudioMIDI settings whenI load this app. All other apps using CoreMIDI via Wifi work fine.

  2. So I got this app to work with a special downloadable app which converts the data it transfers over WIFI over to the IAC device in AudioMidiSETUP.

    This is an aggravating solution, and crashes Ableton Live and Numerology. It also cannot stay in sync for more than 5 minutes, and it loses connection to the app(on a simple ad-hoc network) constantly.

    I hope the devs step up and implement proper CoreMIDI.

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