Interesting piece at MiniJack

A really interesting piece at MiniJack, and I have to say that I agree entirely! Clip to Evernote


  1. MPC-60 4 Life. Good Read. This is why I keep it around.
    The dinosaur will Put the iPad, xoom and a whole lot of Modern Technology to shame when it comes to making Music.

    I remember making a comment on here saying “I got a 20 year old Drum Machine that can sequence more tracks than…and out Drum ANY app.”

    The iPad is just a sound Module to me and Out of all the apps I use… Electrify got the BEST workflow on the iPad.

    MPC-60, MPC-3000, MPC-2000, MPC-1000, MPC-2500
    Rock Solid. Add a laptop/iPad to any one of these and you can make some serious beats.


  2. Yes … a good read. The debate on sound quality will go on forever because it's so subjective. I remember when the CD came out and I was so quick to discard all my vinyl albums for the great “clean” sound of digital. I've come to realize that I actually prefer the sound of analog over digital for some things and am spending a big chunk of my “allowance” on buying back my favorite LP albums.
    Some would say that the sound quality of a well played vinyl record is terrible but I like the pops & clicks combined with the truer, warmer sound over the sterile digital. So who's to say whats good or bad sound quality when it's really all about what you want to hear in the context it's used.


  3. Timeless music is more about the musician(s) than the devices.

    I've heard some pretty incredible stuff done with hi-tech AND lo-tech gear.

    And analog used to be hi-tech.


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