What other classic simulations would you want to see?

Now we have the Fairlight, and of course the iMS-20, and we mustn’t forget the VL-Tone simulation. What other classics would you want to see in iOS or in Android?

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  1. Casio SK-5 complete with authentic sounding 8 bit 11khz sampling. Would love that for on the go. Could even build in glitch mods/filters but that'd be pushing a niche app. Lots of people had them and might buy for the memories if priced low…

  2. With all the new MIDI stuff coming out, I would like to see some classic hardware sequencers like a Latronic Notron or an SP-1200.

    I like the ideas above, too. 🙂

  3. TX81z with SYSEX patch loading. Surely it must be easy given one of the 4-op FM apps uses something remarkably similar to SYSEX patches!

  4. oberheim ob8 and a roland jd800 with alll the sliders and knobs maybe spread across a few pages.

  5. Yes, I too would love to see what Urs Heckmann would come up with too.

    I'm often amazed that we now have this new technology with all these new horizons and ways of interacting with the interface, yet a large majority of people still want to reproduce old analogue synthesisers of yesteryear. Why is that? 😕

    But seeing that is an OT question, I'd love to see something like the Latronic Notron too.


    2 a proper TB-303 ie one that has the same horrible programming interface that the original does..! I'm used to the 303 and generally dislike (note i did not use the h* word :)) non-standard emulated interfaces and would like a 'copy' for when I'm not at home/watching tv

    3 +1 EMS Synthi – used to own one…

    4 A more usable 'ReBirth' ie emulations of a TB303, TRx0x, MC202, Juno60 etc super-dooper groovebox for iPhone/Pod…

    Xenon is great and could/should be developed but IMHO Nano/BM2 sequencer is too damn filddly (bring back BM1 sequencer!)

  7. How about kickin' it real old school and go with an Alpha Syntauri, probably one of the very first computer/synth combos. Pretty cool for its day considering it ran on an Apple II.

  8. It's not only in musicapps that people want reproductions of yesterday's analogs synths.
    In the drawingapps you still have to choose between a pencil or brush, reading is done in bookstyle and photoapps are made to look like cameras…..

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