Teenage Engineering OP-1 Classic 4-Track Tape

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  1. I'm seriously thinking of jacking in the iPad 2 and getting one of these (I never thought they'd actually release it- but they have, and boy, what an instrument! A REAL instrument I must say!!)

    Full marks too on the Tape function, guys! What a great idea instead of the dreaded piano-roll editor. The way forward imho. 8)

  2. There were many sequencers around before 'piano roll' appeared; you do have the option not to use it in all modern sequencers. Change your (puke) 'workflow'!

    But I get your sentiment. Kill Quantize! Learn to play!

  3. It's not really about “learning to play” (although that certainly helps 🙂 ), it's more about spontaneity and freeform, without the urge to fix every 'wrong' note.

    I've recorded two LP's- both are on iTunes. The first one was recorded using a 16-track reel-to-reel, and the second with Cubase running on an Atari ST. Although I tried really hard to beat the sequencer, the Atari always got the better of me, whereas working with 16 track was far more 'organic'. Yes, you can (and I did) create organic sounds using an Atari as a sequencer, but it was so much more tempting to work from the metronome.

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