NLog MIDI Synth update

The new NLog MIDI Synth version brings even more goodness to this excellent app including import and export of patches, opening of MIDI files from mail and safari, iTunes file sharing for MIDI, audio and patches, and loads more!

Another great update.

NLog MIDI Synth - tempo rubato Clip to Evernote


  1. Had to buy it after reading this. Just tried it with iFile, and clicking on a midi file enables you to open it right in NLog. Awesome.

  2. Yes awesome but in the same time kinda useless because you can't play midi and record it as audio in the same time 🙁
    I wanted to export midi to email from Chordbot, import midi from email to nlog than record to audio with nlog sound and export to sequencer app.

    The cool thing is that it's the first app with soundcloud import!
    You can use it as a soundcloud to audiocopy bridge! 🙂

  3. @ iLpD

    While I'm not sure about the iPhone app version, I can say that the iPad version will allow you to playback a midi file and record the resulting sound, ready to be pasted into another app.

  4. @iLpd
    This can be done with musicstudio,
    midi from chordbot to email into musicstudio and record it as audio

  5. Hi,

    thanks for feedback!

    If you miss a feature, write me an email. Or better: Get involved within beta testing phase where I still can change things. After submission to Apple I can hardly add any feature 😉

    Most of the features of an update are actually user requests.

    @Beat: Please write me a short email what the problem with CoreMIDI is. I am sure I can solve it.

    Cheers to All

    PS: Don't give bad ratings because a feature is missing: I will get depressed and will stop working, instead encourage me with good ideas and good ratings 😉

  6. @Robert
    thanks man but I don't have iPad.

    dunno man
    I wanted resample NLog.
    I tried Xewton demo two times and I don't like it's sound.
    It's not even a synth just some multi(few)sampled instruments.

  7. Hi,

    iLpD and I found a little “cheat” how to do it. Not elegant, but saves you until the real feature comes in next update:

    Once you have imported your midi fine, go to “tape” panel and select “WAV”, then press “Files” and playback the midi file directly from the file list. Now, be quick and press “tape” again and then “record”. Now you are recording a wave file from the midi playback. The only drawback: You miss a bit of beginning, so record multiple loops in midi or put some silence/dummy notes.

    Yes, yes, not elegant, but works until next update comes 😉


  8. I guess if we use that way, Temp, we should make the midi file twice as long (or put a small gap in) then import it and do this. That way we can chop the sample and still a complete recording of the audio. I guess that can work for now.

  9. It will be a common phrase soon:
    “to be like temporubato”
    means the fastest positive response possible 😛

  10. I agree that musicstudio's sound is not very good to just bad.
    Especially the synths sound very flat,
    dont understand since the features are great but forgot about the sound?

  11. Music Studio and Beatmaker 2 have great, great features. But I find both of those apps unusable because the stock sounds are, in a word, atrocious.

  12. @Jaybry84
    Well but Xewton got internal sounds only.

    You can import own sounds into Beatmaker 2 – which is what I do all the time.
    My BM2 sounds great 😛
    Today it sounds like NLog synth!

  13. True, but for me personally, since I have over a gig of stuff imported to NS, which is great by itself, it doesnt make sense to reimport over a gig of the same stuff into BM2, which is half a gig by itself, just to make it sound like apps I already have.

  14. @iLpD

    I've been resampling all my Nlog stuff in Nanostudio. Works like a charm albiet at times with some interesting results.


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