Korg App User tip:

Here’s a handy tip for Korg app users from Robert:

Here is an amazing tip I discovered you need to know. 🙂

The Korg apps have no ACP, but when you bounce a pattern or song in iMS-20, from the exported mixes page, you can tap the sharing icon and open your mix in NlogSynth Pro, and from there you can Sonoma or Intua it over to any other compatible app! No connection to iTunes required, all within the iPad itself!

Also, your Korg mix can open directly in Multitrack DAW since the new update! Awesome stuff. 🙂

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  1. Hello, Thanks for the tips .
    I found how to proceed with ims-20, but how do you do that in Electribe , I can't find the panel.

    Can you help?

  2. Definitely works in ims-20. Can't believe that no one has noticed this before. (don't think there is any way of replicating in the Electribe)

    Thx for the heads up!

  3. @Kelvin
    You're very welcome, enjoy! It's pretty awesome! 🙂

    Yes, there is no sharing or export page option in iElectribe, but hopefully they will update it at some point with this functionality. I like that app a lot but it's really difficult to use in an ACP workflow.

    I'm not positive, but I don't think this functionality was present before. It was either the iOS 4.3 update that added the functionality, or possibly the recent Multitrack DAW update that did the trick. Once NlogSynth Pro offered opening MIDI/audio from email or the web, then it was possible there, too.


    An interesting side note, with NlogSynth Pro, apps that only ACP to Sonoma can be imported into Nlog, and then exported to Intua. Thus, with just a couple easy steps, Nlog will act as a “converter” to go from one standard to another. Not to mention it's a fantastic synth on it's own!

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