CoreMIDI + Multitasking = Tempo-synced fun with Finger BassLine v3.2 and MoDrum v1.1!

That is an amazing step forward in my opinion.

BassLine at the app store:
BassLine - Analog Modeling Synthesizer - finger

MoDrum at the app store:
MoDrum - Synthesis-based Drum Machine - finger

iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


  1. The MIDI Sync IS Pretty tight. I don't own MoDrum, but hooking up the latest BassLine 3.2 as a slave to Ableton Live as Master, the timing is pretty rock solid locked! Even over an AdHoc Wireless MIDI connection, which is such a cool feature on Apple's end.

  2. I was playing with BS-16i and it sees the MODrum in the MIDI Settings.

    Full Midi Testing all day today.
    I wonder if I can sync my iPad 1 with my iPad 2 via midi hmmmmmm

  3. The principal is interesting but there are better app that do this a lot better all ready ie technoBox without all the need for messing about switching apps. I can only see this be of any interest between multiple devices

  4. Big change! Works fine also on my phone. I always wished Mo Drums has some bass and Finger Bassline had some drums.

    Two great flavers that go together

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