I’ve been reading in a few places that the iPad 2 has differences in mic quality between the wifi and 3G models with the wifi version having the better quality.

If anyone knows of or has first hand experience of the issue I’d like to know how pronounced it is.

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  1. ^^^Practicality? Location? Privacy? Cost? I don't understand why anyone would make such a crass sweeping statement @ 1313 on 18/3/2011

    (…and if you're referring to 4G then the phone companies have got a lot to sort out to get 3G working properly with respect to coverage…)

  2. I dont notice any mic differences, but there is some app compatability issues with the ipad 2 that have not been resolved. The following do not work properly or at all:
    Beatmaker 2 (does not work at all)

    also because the ipad 2 is thinner I have issues with the usb adapter and midi mobilizer, the plug is a bit difficult to keep straight.

  3. Yeah, noticed the app incompatibility on some apps, too. Thumbjam and others either crash or make crackle sounds. Even the new SynthX from Way Out Ware.

    Is this an iPad 2 dual core issue or a 4.3 issue? Can anyone confirm?

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