bleep!BOX dev on MIDI interfaces for iOS

If you’re interested in some of the more technical aspects of the MIDI interfaces for iOS then you should give this article a read at the bleep!BOX blog which talks in some detail about the differences between CoreMIDI and the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer. Clip to Evernote

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  1. I'm bout to read up.
    Now that I got my iPad 2, I will do a Stress Test Video using 16 Channels of Midi with Both Line 6 MM (w/ newer firmware) and CoreMidi using a M-audio UNO.

    I know the iPad 1 w/ L6 MM (older firmware) couldn't handle 16 Midi channels at once without Bogging Down.. Never got a chance to test coremidi on iPad 1 tho.


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