Ricepad update and price drop

Ricepad gets updated to version 1.2 with new features plus a drop in price to $1.99. Here’s what’s new:

  • great improvement of the audio quality perceptible while interacting with the modules
  • added peak indicators
  • added copy and paste functions to file player
  • fixed issue on copy function that prevented certain apps from pasting
  • now clearing the sequence of a sampler’s clip also stops the clip
  • fixed bug that caused the FilePlayer not to save correctly the temporal offset of the playing file
  • fixed bug that affected the stability of the HP filter on its initialization
  • fixed bug that caused noise when using the metronome
  • reduced CPU consumption of the LP filter
  • other smaller fixes and improvements

Ricepad - Alessandro De Nardi

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  1. I love this app for lot of reasons, it's FUN, (what other apps do not bring me anymore, because too complicated to use or with a ridiculously small keyboard), it's nicely done, sound is good, and it's aimed at LIVE performance 100% what I love. I got it for a long time, and exchange some words with the creator who's cool and super friendly. Friends home played with it and couldn't believe, and their kids had fun with so musicians and future musicians were all satisfied! Few applications nowadays give me such a high level of fun ! Plus, price is low and it works on older devices.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I have been waiting since I missed their last price drop in christmas to get it

  3. It is completely different than others,

    one of those quirky apps that somehow dont get the attention they deserve and are loved by few.

    but I like it and would recomment it to everyone who like the unusual.

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