IK video with just about all of their products in one go

Amazed they didn’t manage to get more in their.

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  1. If you dangle your iRig from the headphone jack as shown, you will eventually break your headphone jack. These jacks are simply not designed for this application.

    With the (admittedly much more expensive) Apogeee products coming out, I can't imagine why anybody would buy this noisy, fidgety, poorly designed IK stuff.

    IK obviously did a great job with the software. I hope they do an equally good job supporting their competitors hardware.


  2. I took a risk and bought their Vocalive app a few days ago. It has some latency issues but I think you do get a useful product. You certainly don't need the iRig microphone for it to work, I've been able to use several mikes that I have lying around that I connect to the iphone through a home made 4 ring guitar connector cable. This allows me to output the resulting voice through the guitar cable output connector.

  3. Too bad GB has inferior gtr amp sounds, compared to IK. IK has a primitive recording feature (but cool cassette UI). GB has the potential to be an all-in-one DAW, but the tones and editing power is lacking.

    So, you have two separate apps that have big pluses and minuses. Can they work together? Of course not.

    You would think the jailbreak community would be all over this.

  4. @L

    It is too early to judge Garageband's guitar tone because it is possibly missing the important optimizations needed for running a guitar through the headphone jack (especially the aggressive EQ and noise reduction).

    I suspect that even with the Apogee Jam that the tone might not be as good as IK's.

  5. Oh, yes, I will judge !! 😉
    GB does have a noise gate-like slider, but that does not have any bearing on the tone.

    Ultimately, there is no comprehensive solution (as of now) to the workflow problems when trying to record a song. Too bad I don't do the bleep blorp disco synth music.

  6. @L

    I'm hoping someday we'll be able to use AU plugins in GB. Imagine being able to run Amplitube in GB just like with a real computer, that would be great!

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