“Gruvtron+iPhone=Korg Kaossilator killer” Video

grüvtron - Sound Trends LLC

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  1. “beats get made”? “Cheese get's played”! Seriously though, I still don't understand how on earth this is supposed to work. I've yet to see one decent demo video of how one actually goes around making music on this app. The intro right at the very beginning sounds really promising, then you get the splash screen, and all looks great, then a colossal turkey is dropped from the sky! I don't get it! Help!!


  2. I think this is not a beatmaking app.It's a kind of automatic riff-machine. A loop source.You can define a root note/scale/tempo. It got some programmed riffs on vertical grid slots. Horizontal position define a note (quantised to the selected scale).If you press one of them it playes the basic riff and if you press a few – it creates a combination of selected riffs/notes.Now you can record it and audiocopy to other apps.You can play slots manually while recording and use modulation slider as well.There is also a “keyboard” mode with scale selected notes to play live.That's it.I treat this app like a modern, tweakable sample-pack.


  3. I wouldn't call it bland.I would call it FAST.It's just a funny little generator.If Jasuto Studio will be like Jasuto Pro – it will end up uninstalled from my iTouch :PI found working with Jasuto too slow 🙂


  4. I'm sure it's a nice app and all, but if you think that's a kaossilator killer, you probably don't really understand how to use a kaossilator.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTD7bAz_3Xkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9uc3IrWJvMI think one of the thing these kaossilator clones miss is how much thought went into the sound design of the kaossilator sounds. They include FM/sample-based/physical modeling/subtractive/additive synthesis and should really be a case-study in general-purpose sound design. A few cheesy samples and saw/pulse waves isn't going to do it (also lookin at you dopplerpad … though I do otherwise like that app).


  5. Certainly Gruvtron and Kaossilator different things, and when I have bought iPod Touch 1G several years ago, I have sold the Kaossilator. I am glad that it's on time has got rid of it. Now I have iPod Touch 3G with Jasuto PRO, Noise.IO, Crystal, Gruvtron…and Kaossilator loses in all things at the identical price. Yes, iPod Touch not Kaossilator killer ,it Kaossilator f…er.


  6. I think there could be more variation,in the sounds, they all seem to modulate into the same,and the beats , which also are very alike.the drumsoundpads are very slow and sometimes it loads a different sound than the one chosen


  7. While I agree it's not a kaossilator killer, the app is $5. The new kaos pad is $500, no? A few apps on ipod/iphone, or ipad, and you can make some impressive sounds…


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