An update for these apps. Here’s what’s new:

  • New two octave keypad with selectable modes
  • Patch designer on iPhone for creating patches
  • Audio recording which may be copied to desktop
  • Audio copy/paste to copy recordings to other apps
  • Support for Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer to connect a MIDI keyboard to Crystal on an iPhone or iPad
  • Patch breeding can now include up to 20 user patches
  • High precision mode (drag vertically to get high precision after touching slider) for precise slider adjustments.

Green Oak Software Clip to Evernote


  1. Nice to see that this has gotten a update. I was dissapointed in the origional app, more my expectations of getting the PC version interface.

    I did howeaver like the sounds.

    During a project ended up finding it just the thing for some beats and pads. It seemd a bit random breeding the sounds but it randomly seemed to come up with the right / usable sounds.

    This morning I played update interface seems to give you more options to develop sounds. The sounds were good and seemed to be able to be pushed more directly to the type of tone you might need.

    A Keyboard option is also a nice addition to the pads.

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