The latest experimental app from the agency looks great but isn’t cheap (by app store standards) at $19.99. Here’s the app’s description:

CP 1919 is the latest and most experimental audio app from The Strange Agency.

A physics-based fluid simulation drives an additive synthesizer, controlling a fat stack of up to 24 oscillators. The multitouch interface lets you control the fluid with your fingers, exciting the oscillators like strings on a liquid harp.

Various settings alter the fluid’s behavior as well as the resulting sound. Coax the fluid into a gentle motion, or crank the parameters for instant sonic madness.

Furthermore, a large ribbon controller lets you detune the oscillators, creating rich, sonorous harmonies or the thickest dissonant cacophony. Meanwhile two independent LFO’s allow automated control of both oscillator spread and aggregate pitch.

Play CP 1919 as a drone by strumming the fluid with one hand while tapping the ribbon with the other or use the on-screen keyboard to play it like a more traditional device. The HOLD control lets you leave the sound on or make it keyboard-activated. Hold down ZERO to force the fluid to subside, or turn up the DAMPEN slider to kill its momentum. As always, experiment!

CP 1919 - The Strange Agency LLC

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  1. Seems very inovative the sounds on their site seem pretty interesting. Strange agency seems to create totaly new sound apps that are musical as well. $20 seems reasonable as this app looks very complicated and breaks new ground.

    I hope they do updates on some of their older apps as well and create instrutional materials.

    The Curtis heavy app has gotten some heavy useage as did the Sound Scope.

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