I’ve been trying out ‘older’ apps on my old (for old think only a few years) 1st gen iPod Touch and was amazed to find the MiniVLTone works on it. I suppose it should come as no real surprise as the app is from 2009, but what was a surprise was that the app is still in the store!

MiniVLTone - 24x7digital LLC

http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js Clip to Evernote


  1. A barely two years old software running on a barely 4 years old device, how fantastic!! 😀

    But seriously, is there really that little software that can still run on the first ipod touch?

  2. My iPodT (8GB) is one year old and even there's more and more apps that won't install. The latest iOS update doesn't even install. (OK, with the Milestone it's even worse, there's still no update to Android 2.2)

  3. @dcp

    I had always feared that mobile computers would be handled like phones by the corporations who makes them..

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