xsynth->moog filtatron by jeremys-recordings Clip to Evernote


  1. @Brian

    Don't care how easily it's produced or how complex it is, if it sounds good to me and was produced by some human being playing something, I tend to call that music. I suppose it could be argued that anything less complex than a Schubert trio isn't really worth being called music, maybe so… Really enjoyed this one anyway, Jeremys made music to me…

  2. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are limits to incompetence : a few synth chords with massive amounts of the same delay is a pretty cheap shot at “interesting music”. Mobile music deserves some talent. Everybody's got an app but not everyone has the ap titude.

  3. Comments like this are exactly the reason why I never will upload anything public myself… so of course I will never know if I'm really making “music” or not.

  4. Hey Jeremy fuck these haters!
    I like the track even if the style is not my cup of tea.
    Keep up haveing huge fun with music (Im sure you got alot with this one).

    🙂 Im also sure that brian is working on a mindblowing compositions however I suppose he doesnt get much fun with that.

  5. I think my cat could sue for copyright infringement, it's just like his masterpiece on NS -). Seriously tho , it is still creative

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