Beat Twirl for iOS

Meant to post this a few days ago! Thanks to all the people who’ve tweeted me about it. Looks and sounds like a great app. Here are the details.

Beat Twirl is a “beat slicer” app. The app lets you analyze existing sounds and detect their rhythm with its note onset algorithms. With Beat Twirl you can work with drum loops and rhythm patterns, easily enhancing them with additional percussion sound, or create new patterns.

With Beat Twirl you can:

  • Change the tempo (time) of drum loops without changing the pitch.
  • Analyze percussion patterns and find the underlying timing.
  • Mix-in additional percussion sounds, or replace the original sounds
  • Export single beats from a sound file.

How to use Beat Twirl?

  • You can record yourself singing or clapping a rhythm, than add percussion instruments to the rhythm you created.
  • You can extract a rhythmic/percussive section from a song and convert it to a loop you can play along with at different tempos.
  • Mix-in percussion instruments to a song to enhance its’ rhythm.
  • Extract beat samples from a song for use with a beat sequencer.


  • Import audio from your ipod library, using iTunes file sharing or using audio copy/paste from supporting applications.
  • Record using an external mic or the built in mic.
  • Universal app. UI designed iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Supports retina displays.
  • Two spectrum based note onset detection algorithms.
  • Manual slicing capabilities on top of the automated algorithm.
  • Mix in percussion beats from a library of 300 samples.
  • Export audio as wav, caf or aac. Export using audio copy, iTunes files sharing or email. 

The app is priced at $9.99

Beat Twirl - Tiv Studio Clip to Evernote


  1. BeatTwirl snt another daw, but is completely dedicad to slicing and chopping beats and patterns.
    In the store I read about BbCut that it can create remixes from your musiclibrary.?

  2. Yes.
    'another minuscule DAW' wasn't directed at Beat Twirl but at the many apps that don't do something special.
    Personally I prefer innovative apps.

  3. okey,
    the other apps I looked at from Collins looked very interesting,
    and a bit of nice music theory behind it
    one app referred to that old synth that could read drawing
    (forgot the name)

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