nibble is a new sampler app. Here’s what to expect:

This is a music sampler instrument to make glitchy sound from sound source. You can load about 4sec .wav file you want to use from iTune and play them intuitively. So,this instrument can be used for getting idea for your composition, sound design or live performance.

This application is freee until 4/1!!! Please download and enjoy!

nibble - koutaro fukui Clip to Evernote


  1. Sorry guys, you both FAIL!

    nibble works great on my 3G iPhone 🙂

    You have to turn Dac to 'ON' (makes sense really 😉 )

    Good fun. Looking forward to how it grows.

  2. I too have been having difficulty with nibble – it opens, shows the logo, then immediately closes. Koutaro (app creator) is working on it. Patience everyone!

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