Funkbox 2.0 submitted

Good to hear there’s a new version of Funkbox on the way and more to come from Syntheticbits too.

Submitted the FunkBox 2.0 update (finally), need to update the manual, then will start on a Little MIDI update. Thanks for your patience!

Sorry the FunkBox 2.0 update is taking so long! Need to stop adding stuff and finish it. Hopefully you’ll like it. Thanks for your patience.

FunkBox Drum Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC Clip to Evernote


  1. Hey, thank you for mentioning this! Here's a list of the changes:

    Improved graphics, including retina support
    Two new drum machines, LinnDrum and Roland TR77
    New cleaner samples from all machines
    Import custom samples (iOS3.2+)
    Set pitch and trim of samples
    Save/load custom drum box configurations
    Save/load pattern banks
    Tempo/swing saved with each pattern
    Random volume/timing saved with box
    Ability to switch in clave, clap, cowbell, ride sounds instead of rimshot, toms, crash
    Tap tempo
    Accent amount per step, per instrument
    Queue up multiple sequences by pressing two sequence buttons,
    or play two sequences simultaneously by pressing two sequence buttons
    Pan per instrument (iOS4.0+)
    Tap overdub and roll functions
    Preliminary CoreMIDI support (iOS4.1+)
    – MIDI IN: Notes, pattern, mute/unmute, start/stop/tap, clock sync
    – MIDI OUT: Notes, clock sync
    Itunes folder audio export support (iOS3.2+)
    Start/stop latency improved
    Misc improvements and bug fixes

    I wanted to make the 2.0 update a nice big one, but it's probably the last time I'll take that approach. I really should have released things (particularly MIDI) incrementally, it ended up being too much to work on at once. Live and learn…

    Thanks again!

  2. One request PLEASE – could you please incorporate an option to disable the “FUNKBOX” startup noise? I use my iPad and iPhone in a live looping setup and I just cannot use Funkbox at all because of this startup noise. (I switch apps a lot on the fly, and that noise completely eliminates the use of your app in live situations, which is awful because I *want* to use it.)

    Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Hopefully it will be approved soon so you can all play with it.

    Paul, ahh, wish you had asked a week ago! Good suggestion, and I'll include a toggle for that somewhere in the next update. You could maybe flip on and off the iPhone/iPad mute switch when loading up the app as a workaround, but I know you're already super busy when looping and the last thing you need is something else to keep track of. So, next update I'll put that in.

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