The Crater’s top 10 apps

We haven’t had a top 10 for a while, so here’s a good set from The Crater:

Jasuto Pro – the original Jasuto was the first app I ever bought, and this is still the best app out there. Very easy to pick up and go, with seemingly limitless design for custom instruments. Innovative use of microphone and accelerometer input.

JR Hexatone Pro – a novel sampler that’s great for making glitchy patterns. The one-screen focus makes it perfect for improvisation.

technoBox – the second app I ever bought, and still my favorite groovebox. It sounds juicy, has an intuitive look for live performance, and is very fun to tweak.

Bebot – if you like synths, then you’re spoiled with iOS. Bebot isn’t the most powerful or feature-packed, but it sounds great, and the scale grid makes it ideal for noodling. Plus, hey, there’s that robot!

gliss – honestly, I still don’t always get what I’m doing with this one. But I like it, and it really doesn’t sound or behave like anything else out there!

bleep!BOX – virtual analog groovebox with a fun loop player/repeater. Very tweakable. Bleep!Synth is also worth checking out.

nanoloop – clearly the product of a designer who understands making music on tiny mobile devices. the unlimited BPM and harsh synthesized sounds give this one a unique character.

ProLoop – design counts a lot for me, and this one is a good intersection of form and function. The modular routings between loops gives this one a special edge.

IR-909 – There’s something about x0x-style sequencing that never gets old. Combining classic drum machine sounds with a couple new packs, this one is a techno beast.

Dub Siren Pro – I love laying back and listening to some classic dub. That only gets better when I can throw on a delay line, some wobbly synths, and sound effects from legendary toaster U-Roy. This is how you make a radio app stand out. Clip to Evernote


  1. The ProLoop app seems interesting but Im not sure would I like it because other picks are not too usefull for me. Maybe we got different taste. Can ProLoop audiocopy mixdown to other apps after all those cross-loop modulations?

  2. There's nothing wrong with antiquated, maybe some day we'll talk about vintage apps the same way we talk abount vintage instruments 🙂

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