I am of course thinking just of the US and not the UK as we have to wait another couple of weeks before we can get the new machine. If you are going to get one I’d really like to hear your impressions of it.

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  1. I work above a big Apple store plan to get my appointment at 4am tomorrow morning and be digging the Pad tomorrow night.

    Though I will be making some music on it. I am digging that I will be able to watch movies in bed which is where I naturaly make my best music.

  2. Still torn about whether I want to lay down $600 bucks for the iPad 2 when I have a perfectly good iPad 1 … well …. not so perfect ….. only 16 gigs and I'd really love to have at least 32. I guess a lot depends on whether GB will run well on the iPad 1. I know a lot of Palm Sounds readers think GB is wimpy but I've been using it since it first appeared on the Mac and I like it, plus it will transfer to GB on my Mac.

    If I didn't have to make sacrifices to afford another iPad I'd do it in a heartbeat ….. so for the time being I'll sit on the fence and wait till the user reviews start coming in before deciding.

  3. @Marlene DeGrood

    GarageBand will work on the iPad 1.

    GarageBand is not in the least bit wimpy.

    It will totally re-define mobile music making.

    For better or worse, it is the beginning of a new era.

  4. Yeah I am torn as well… trying to sell my 64G 3G version to justify the purchase. ($500) if it doesn't sell then I'll just keep what I have.

    I really think ipad 3 will be a bigger jump anyway.

  5. I am. I sold my refurbished 16GB WiFi for $350 Monday and have since been anxiously awaiting iPad 2.

    I'm getting a white 16GB WiFi.


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