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grüvtron is released

I’ve been playing with this on my iPad for a little while now and it is great fun. Here’s the full app description:

Want to create that thumping bass line to fill the dance floor or a heart-wrenching lead line? Want to jam along with your friends – any time, any place and sound superb? grüvtron lets you jam and create in a multitude of styles and in any key all on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad – whether you’re a trained musician or not!

Choose a Preset and grüvtron selects the right performances and synthesizer sound to create the foundation for creating your instrument Part . Grüvtron comes preloaded with performances and styles created in electronic dance styles like Techno, Trance Dubstep and others.

Just as easy as using loops but way more versatile. Just choose a Preset and jam! Change keys, scales, sounds and other musical parameters. The grid-based touch interface lets you create Bass, Lead, Chords, Pads and other musical Parts with control over note density and pitch. Bass part too busy? Too slow and plodding? YOU control the density of the part in real time! From slow whole-note soulful to fast and frenetic 16ths!

Morph and combine the musical patterns to create something uniquely your own! Use the Modulation strip to add filter, vibrato and other effects.

Choose any key and grüvtron automatically keeps you in that key.

Live Play Mode lets you play the synthesizer sounds for free form musical performances. Smart Instrument technology lets you create cool parts never imagined before.

Built-in drum beats are there to jam along with. Plus the BeatSync function lets you jam with another grüvtron or Looptastic (Producer or HD) user, and your tempos automatically lock with one another for no stress jams.

Save your performance as an audio file to export to the Mac/PC and then email it to a friend.

Copy and paste your new creations into other music apps like studio.HD (on iPad), StudioTrack, Looptastic (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) or export to your Mac/PC for use in your apps there.

The app is priced at $4.99

grüvtron - Sound Trends LLC

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n-Track Studio

n-Track is a new universal DAW app. Here’s the app’s description:

n-Track Studio is an audio multitrack recorder that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio tracks and mix them during playback.

You can also edit, cut, copy and paste, zoom and drag waveforms.
All the audio tracks are saved as standard wave files and mixed “on the fly” during playback.
You can mixdown the recorded song in standard .wav format which you can later open with any 3rd party audio application or use to create CDs or mp3 files, or export the song in multitrack .sng format and open it with the desktop (Mac and Windows) version of n-Track.

Takes advantage of dual-core CPU performace when used on the iPad 2.

The app is priced at $3.99.

n-Track Studio - n-Track

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11 comments on “Apple Rejects SoundPrism with CoreMIDI support”

Apple Rejects SoundPrism with CoreMIDI support

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GarageBand for iPad, app details

GarageBand app details:

GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play pianos, organs, guitars, drums, and basses on your iPad. They sound and play like their counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument. Enjoy a full range of Smart Instruments that make you sound like a pro — even if you’ve never played a note before. Plug an electric guitar into your iPad and play through classic amps and stompbox effects. Use the built-in microphone or a guitar to record, or capture any performance. Then mix up to eight tracks to create a song you can share.

Play your iPad like a musical instrument.

  • Perform on dozens of musical instruments on the innovative Multi-Touch keyboard.
  • Tap out beats from the seat of acoustic and electronic drum kits.
  • Recreate legendary guitar rigs on your iPad with 9 amps and 10 stompbox effects.
  • Record your voice using the built-in microphone, and apply fun sound effects.
  • Use the Sampler to create an instrument from sounds you record, then play them on a keyboard.

Sound like a virtuoso with Smart Instruments.

  • Tap chords to instantly create keyboard grooves with the Smart Keyboard.
  • Strum chords on acoustic and electric Smart Guitars, or trigger fingerpicking patterns for popular chords.
  • Groove with an onscreen electric or upright Smart Bass by tapping on chords.
  • Drag drum instruments onto a grid to create your own beats with the Smart Drums.

Create a song anywhere you go.

  • Arrange and mix your song with up to eight tracks using Touch Instruments, audio recordings, and loops.
  • Trim and place musical regions exactly where you want them to play.
  • Use the Mixer to fine-tune each track’s volume – solo or mute any track, or adjust pan, reverb, and echo.
  • Use over 250 professionally prerecorded loops as a backing band to your song.

Share your songs.

  • Email songs right from your iPad (AAC).
  • Export your song and add it to the iTunes library on your Mac or PC.
  • Send a project to your Mac and open it in GarageBand to continue refining your song. 

GarageBand is priced at $4.99

GarageBand - Apple®

iPads at the Apple Store

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28 comments on “GarageBand for iPad has arrived!”

GarageBand for iPad has arrived!

It has arrived. GarageBand is here for the iPad!

GarageBand - Apple®

iPads at the Apple Store

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5 comments on “Now that’s what I call handheld”

Now that’s what I call handheld

That is a thing of beauty! Found on lowbroweye blog.

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0 comments on “Arduino kit giveaway”

Arduino kit giveaway

Not satisfied with giving away Arduino books, Make is now giving away a getting started kit! Details of how to enter here.

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9 comments on “So, who’s getting an iPad 2 tomorrow then?”

So, who’s getting an iPad 2 tomorrow then?

I am of course thinking just of the US and not the UK as we have to wait another couple of weeks before we can get the new machine. If you are going to get one I’d really like to hear your impressions of it.

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2 comments on “Sky with Trees”

Sky with Trees

SoundPrism - Audanika GmbH

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modAxis update

modAxis has had an update. Here’s what’s new:

  • OSC Output is added.
  • 4th Double Tap is added to lock the other circle object to move them around and automatically move them.
  • Enable to change text position for left-hand user.


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