Konkreet Performer update

New features & enhancements:

  • Multitouch now supports up to 11 touches (previously 5 touches)
  • Bank buttons now issue OSC (up/down/value)
  • OSC In supports up to 10 node length/angle (previously 4 nodes)
  • Info splash screen when installing app for first time
  • Default OSC ports changed to 10000 & 10001 for more convenient Reaktor compatibility

Bug fixes:

  • Setting port number outside range 1-65535
  • Ribbon multi touch could stick when changing banks
  • Star field visuals could stick when throwing

Konkreet Performer - Konkreet Labs

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. 11 if you have some kind of mutated 6-fingers-hand or wanna use your penis as a performers staff 😛

  2. @DJ Hombre – at the moment Konkreet Performer + Missing Link isn't supported as we output fixed OSC messages and Missing Link expects different messages. But it would be really cool and we're looking into this for the future for Performer! Cheers, Gwydion @ konkreetlabs

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