AppliChord HD

I posted on the ‘mini’ version of this app the other day. Now there’s an iPad version too.

With AppliChord HD, if you can tap your iPad screen, you can play REAL music.

Inspired by a music teacher’s autoharp, if you know the chords to a song, you can accompany anyone easily. The chords for most popular songs can be found with a simple online search.

Also great for song writers or DJs who want to experiment with new progressions but might not have the knowledge or theory background for playing more complex chords like a Bmin13 or an F#min7b5.

AppliChord HD - DaabApps

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  1. I wish developers would provide more info on their apps, either at the store, or on their website. Like….whats the difference between the iPhone version and the iPad version. For example, it looks like more available chords, but how many? Which?

    C'mon developers … you go to a lot of trouble to develop your app and put together a website. Take a little time and give your potential customers all the info we need. Give us example soundfiles. Give us a video or two. Help us make a sound decision!

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