More support for music apps from Apple?

An intriguing comment on my post about the impact of GarageBand on iOS music creation apps:

Complained to a friend of mine (before iPad2 launch) who works at Apple about the segregation of apps and the serious workflow issues. He said “don’t worry about it” and “I’ve seen stuff that will blow your mind”, etc.,
We’ll see…

I wonder what they’ve got planned. Hopefully more support in Xcode for music developers. Clip to Evernote


  1. It means they've tapped into a new reserve of magical fairy dust. After the iPad2 I'm sure they were getting low…..

    I really do hope I see more support for compatibility and file system access. Would make devs and users BOTH happy 🙂

  2. AU plug-in support? That along with audio multi-in/out hardware support would blow the doors open for mainstream music software devs to jump in headfirst.

  3. What makes you think there's something else? Don't you think the Apple guy was referring to the launch of GarageBand for iPad? Don't underestimate the amount of work Apple has clearly put into creating GarageBand for iPad.

    GarageBand iPad will be able to export projects to GarageBand Mac and can export rendered AAC files to your iTunes library and share them via email. Those are significant workflow features.

  4. I also thought he was referring to GB for ipad.

    AU support would be so great, it could kill pretty much every other IOS music app. Proceed with caution 🙂

  5. I would think since the quote if from someone that was at the iPad thing last week that it was about some things yet to drop.

    Apple keeps adding stuff to the iOS and will have to do so to keep ahead of Android at this point. With them having expended resorces to bring garage band over I think a lot of people in the company will have a first hand idea of what will push the envelope of the software. It is not as though consepts such as a “Rewire” connector orAudio Units are forign to them.

    As well their experence with Garage band might let them add some items to the programing kit for others.

    As well Apple does not seem to want to destroy their developers. In fact with the two app stores (and the capital grant program) they seem to be giving developers new marketplaces. I think they see the large number of developers as the means by which they will grow thier hardware sales.

  6. Complained to a friend of mine (before iPad2 launch) who works at Apple about the segregation of apps and the serious workflow issues. He said “don't worry about it” and “I've seen stuff that will blow your mind”, etc.,
    We'll see…

  7. @Garloo It should be quite clear by now that Apple doesn't give a sh*t about their developers.

    Maybe we will see extensions to the iOS to facilitate more multitasking and interoperability over time. In a manner similar to the way Apple added the iPhone SDK after a year and many customer requests. They added very limited multitasking to the SDK after it was out for two years. There's very little real pressure for Apple to add more music capabilities beyond what they've just introduced with GarageBand.

    Even before GarageBand, iOS was an order of magnitude beyond Android in terms of addressing the needs of the music creation niche. With the addition of GarageBand they've raised the bar to whole new level. I doubt Google will chase music creation with it being two orders of magnitude beyond where even Honeycomb rests.

    (The only competitive scenario I can see there is an Android OEM might choose to address music creation working in conjunction with one of the major music software companies who are now placed at a significant disadvantage on the iOS platform.)

  8. @anon

    Apple loves their devs. It's Android who doesn't care about their devs, or users for that matter.

  9. I think that the app stores for the iOS and Mac show that Apple is providing a gateway for developers.

    I have had severial friends who were under-appreciated programer / Animators who banded togeather and have become independent with their own small companies because of this new buisness model. I think it one of the most exciting open times since I used to buy floppies of new computer “apps” at the Software Hut in the 70's and 80's.

  10. @Timothy “loves” is a bit strong. Apple loves what devs do for them is probably a bit closer. Apple has paid out $2bil to devs since the app store opened, yes, very nice. Of course, they also brought in over $25bil for themselves. Just last quarter. Just sayin'…

    Being an iOS dev, you are forced to have Apple as your primary partner, and you are forced to deal (daily) with the fact that you need them more than they need you, and they know it.

    It's a lot like having a very attractive, but very high maintenance girlfriend, who's out of your league and she knows it. She is gorgeous and amazing, yes. You get to go to exciting places and do exciting things with her, yes. All your friends are jealous because she's so amazingly hot, yes.

    But… you do what she want, when she wants to. If she changes her mind or contradicts herself, you better not call her on it. If she decides to flirt or even sleep with other guys behind your back… well, you're just gonna have to deal with that (I forgive you baby, but… baby… Smule..? Really?). And you better be okay with always picking up the check — remember, her money is her money, but your money is “our” money… (30%, baby? 30%?!? Okay, okay, whatever you say…)

    It's a great ride but you know at some point you're gonna get sick of dealing with that. Fun? Yeah, a lot of the time. “Love”? Ummm….

  11. I was the guy who made the Apple employee comments. My take is that he did mean the launch of GB app, but also alluded to stuff happening in the Summer.

    After the GB/iPad2 launch I was underwhelmed, but I think GB is a good sign that Apple has music on their radar. I offered to beta test, but no dice!

  12. I don't think GarageBand is going to be anymore on iPad than it is on Mac.

    Like someone said earlier – it's mostly for iPad sales.


  13. We shall see , last GB update was really disapointing, not much effort was put into that.
    and I remember this;
    “when intua releases Beatmaker 2 for Iphone/Ipad its GAME OVER. They sent me a demo and it does more than my software I use at home. amazed”

    Turned out the guy just needs new software at home. 🙂

  14. “Apple has paid out $2bil to devs since the app store opened, yes, very nice.”

    It's important to remember that was never Apple's money.

    Devs earned that $2B from customers one dollar at a time.

  15. “Devs earned that $2B from customers one dollar at a time.”

    Exactly. And I said “Apple loves devs” because without developers making software for the iOS platform, Apple wouldn't have nearly the hardware sales that they do, so it's much more of a symbiotic relationship then one might think.

    That $25b are profits from hardware, spurred on by the rich and ever-expanding software universe included in every iOS device. This is something Android doesn't seem to understand.

    I mean, when I'm done basking in my glorious Twitter feed widget and customizable wallpapers, then what? I guess I could check my email. 🙂

  16. @ Icepulse
    I would definitely agree. We'll see what happens this Summer. My Apple friend was pretty excited about the stuff in the pipeline, not that he could tell me anything remotely specific. Fingers: crossed.

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