A controller but just for Mopho To Go. Here are the details:

  • Mopho To Go adds a knobtastic, retro control panel to the Mopho module. Rotate iPad to landscape orientation for controls, Rotate iPad to portrait orientation for a full two octave plus keyboard.
  • Mopho To Go provides an octave of full width keys and multi-touch controls for Mopho Oscillators (shape, freq, fine, glide,) Mixer (mix,sub1,sub2,noise) and filter and amplifier envelopes (delay,attack,sustain,release,) audio mod, resonance, levels, BPM, Modulation, Pan, Volume, Channel, Program and Bank Select.
  • Mopho To Go is CoreMIDI compatible. No additional server software or downloads necessary.
  • Mopho To Go is a universal app for all iOS Devices.

The app is priced at £0.59

MOPHO To Go - Maui Media Lab

iPads at the Apple Store

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