Been playing with my NSP BreakOut this morning and having a lot of fun with it and a bunch of other stuff too. I hope to have some videos and sound files up later and over the next few days. Clip to Evernote


  1. I'm sorry but I really don't get it.
    What does this device offer, the iRig does not have? Apart from an knob.
    Or do I miss something here?
    The website doesn't say a lot about it…
    I'm using an adapter I've made myself with a bunch of cables resistors and connectors, that cost me about 5 € and works fine…

  2. @Papernoise

    It must be a signal amplifier. Not necessary if you have amps in your recording chain, but still very handy.

  3. but the thing still plugs into the mic input of the ipone, so it can't be an amp, or the signal would clip… since that is no line level input.

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