What next for SynthTronica

From comments, here’s what’s next for SynthTronica:

  • Dual core support
  • Copy/paste (at least one API)
  • Core Midi

SynthTronica - Leisuresonic

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8 thoughts on “What next for SynthTronica”

  1. This is good news. I wonder,also, if it is possible to move the formant parameters so they can be played in real time.



  2. Well, that kind-of answers the question several posts down about how long it would be before we saw iPad2 only apps.



  3. Darksound asks a good question. The formant parameters should perhaps be accessible on a half screen view as well as the full screen view. I will put such a consideration on the list.


  4. I seem to recall reading that iOS was already multiple-core capable, and that all apps would benefit from a dual-core from day one.

    Can anyone confirm this, or can the dev speak to what this means, and what the difference would be to the end user on iPad 1?


  5. I've yet to max out my OG ipad yet…. nor my ipod touch 2g for that matter.

    Once I get to that point I might upgrade to ipad2, but for now I'm gonna keep workin with what I got. It'll be nice to see what having dual cores really means.


  6. @ waffletower

    Thanks for considering this change. I think it could offer a lot of interesting variations to the original sound for live use.



  7. I'm of the same opinion as formal. Once my iPad (and my iPhone 4) just can't keep up with what I want to do, either due to wear & tear or just obsolescence, at that point I will upgrade.



  8. SynthTronica will need changes to support multiple cores — and I imagine many other apps will be in this situation as well. SynthTronica is designed to run on both iOS 3.x and iOS 4.x. “Blocks” are a feature of iOS 4.x that facilitate dividing program instructions between multiple cpu cores. SynthTronica will become iOS 4.x only after the next update to accomodate dual core support.


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