Sprak’s new filter control

I was playing with the latest version of Sprak and I’ve been really impressed with the filter control on the speaker cone. Such a simple feature has made such a big difference to this already excellent noise maker.

Sprak - Tinker Team

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  1. Another tip for noise lovers: The free app iGendyn. Try Bank 3 there and put some fingers down.. Love that sound.

  2. I agree, this app is great. If anybody is thinking about getting it, just get it. I did not have it until the speaker cone addition came out. A very good value in my book. That is if you enjoy sound.

  3. I just requested recording option and audio copy on their site. I bet you can make some pretty cool beats with these sounds in apps like samplelab, or interesting soundscapes in Synthtronica.

  4. Well, I thought about it, and downloaded Sprak, and it doesn't seem to work on a 3G! No mention of that in the ad. Shame. 🙁

  5. Does anyone know how to use an audio copied file as a sample in samplelab?

    Any suggestions would be really helpful.

    I am trying to use samples recorded from synthx as ambient samples. I can import it fine but can't figure out what to do after that? Help page doesn't really say

  6. drag the sliders under the sample in samplelab to adjust the length, then just hold down on the waveform and drag to a track.

  7. Hi Tom.
    I just tested it on my wife´s iPhone 3GS, and it works fine there. Please post a more detailed error report on the TinkerTeam site. It feels awful charging money for something and not be able to deliver. We need more info to be able to reproduce and fix your bug.

  8. @Anonymous

    I have always thought of iGendyn as some kind of car crash sound simulator 😀

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