So how much RAM does it have?

There seem to be a number of different reports about how much RAM the iPad 2 has. Some say 256 others that it has 512. Which is it? Clip to Evernote


  1. One thing for sure is Apple isn't telling. Don't they usually love to brag about specs and how awesome they are?

  2. I can't remember Apple ever giving the ram specs during a Keynote for iOS devices ever.

    We will get the amount as usual when the strip down of a actual iPad2 is done and people cost out the parts next week. This is where I have always seen the ram number not at the keynotes.

    I am betting on 512. Though it could be more. It will not be the same as the iPad1 each iOS device gets a ram upgrade in its next version. I don't know of any exception but we will know for sure next week.

  3. It's been said before; Apple likes to tout specs when it makes the competition look bad. Otherwise, they're hush hush.

    In either case, I'll see youse guys on the line for iPad 2 on the 11th!!


  4. I don't think anyone will be able to detect the amount of dynamic RAM in a teardown. The dynamic RAM is integrated into the A5 chip.

    But it will be easy to figure out using software once independent developers have access to the iPad 2 on the 11th.

  5. Anyone will be able to tell if the iPad 2 has more RAM by just running Safari and seeing if it still blows the cache every time you switch pages like it currently does.

  6. Specs arn't out but Samsung is already pulling thier tablet to get upgraded. I think they are moving from 6 D-Cells to reduce the thickness.

  7. I really hope its 512 or 1gb preferably because beatmaker 2 on my ipad constantly tells me my memory is low, even running beatmaker 2 by itself (all other apps closed).

  8. I'm not a spec guy in the least, but if they didn't upgrade the RAM they blew it. The biggest iPad “experience” bummers are blowing the cache in Safari and trying to watch a YouTube video that hangs. In this case, there's a good reason to want better specs for a better experience.

    And for music makers like us, as someone else already said, BM2 needs it.

    My guess is it has 512mb and they aren't talking about it because the competitors are putting a gig in theirs. 512 should be enough since the extra 256 will all go to the apps (the current 256 is shared between apps and OS).

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