iLpd’s Workspace

iLpd used 360 panorama to make a workspace shot.  ‘There is everything I use at home except my iTouch 4’.

Now that is one cool workspace. Clip to Evernote


5 thoughts on “iLpd’s Workspace”

  1. I love the PowerPuff girl on the chair! I actually have a small portable PowerPuff girl Karaoke machine that I use to amplify my Native Americans flutes with using a lapel mic. Works great, goes anywhere and looks …. well …. so PowerPuff girly.

    Nice setup BTW.


  2. I like the Zen feeling of this workspace. Very open and inviting 🙂 I can't wait to get out of my tiny cramped studio!


  3. That looks great and I'm going to have to consider something like this soon for a second studio space.

    Like formal, I'm pretty cramped.


    Btw.. is that a bong next to your laptop? 🙂


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