Audio Lab for iPad

Interesting modular type app arrives today:

As the name tells, Audio Lab provides a flexible platform for experiencing the fun of audio world. It can help you experiment with various audio modules(generator, filter, envelope, etc) and connect them to each other without restriction.
Audio Lab is more than a synthesizer, it is a living environment. With a few taps of adding and managing modules, you can get a unique audio instrument.
Audio Lab provides you a virtual keyboard with 3 octaves, which is enough for testing the sound you make and have fun in playing notes.

Audio Lab now provides modules such as generator, filter, envelope, delay, etc. More types of modules and features will come with future development.

Audio Lab - Shaoduo Xie

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  1. looks good, but would like to see the paradigm change a bit. I love modulars, but have we really gotten much past what jasuto already covered years ago?

    Perhaps a modular environment with more composition tools?

  2. Yes, I agree (although for 99c I won't ignore this one!)

    I really want developers to get away from this notion that all synthesiser type instruments need to have chromatic keyboards or step sequencers for input.

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