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O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker Review

I’ve been playing with O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker for a couple of weeks and getting into it in that time, so I thought it was a good moment to put down some of my thoughts.

O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker is a rotary sequencer. I like rotary style sequencers on the whole, but they don’t always work. Unlike the more standard grid a rotary interface can get messing very quickly. However, O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker’s interface doesn’t suffer in that way. It has been very well thought through and is very easy to work with.

On the right of the screen you select an instrument or sample, and on the left you select the point you want it played in the pattern. Couldn’t be simpler. Well actually it is. Whilst the large circles represent the layer you’re currently working on, the smaller ones tell you what you’ve placed in other layers.

It works really well actually.

So what’s this app like and how can I use it?
I’m glad you asked. If you’re after a synth app then don’t try this one. This is really for composition and sequencing and song writing. And, in the time I’ve used it I’ve found it good in those areas. If you want to start pulling together a rhythm and add a bass then some guitar, piano, etc it is very good at building up those layers.

As for how you might use this, I think it can be an effective compositional app for song writers.

How long will it take to get used to?
Again, this is an easy learning curve of an app. There aren’t huge numbers of pages to get through, most of what you need is on the screen above. The app is very usable.

What I liked about the app?
I’ve mentioned the interface, which was, in my opinion very well thought out. I also liked the volume control for each layer which is actually in the screen above and make sense from a usability and visual perspective. The app comes with some very good tutorials to get you going with the app, but you may not need them. As for exporting, at the moment it is a wifi export.

What would I like to see in this app next?
You can guess what I’m going to say can’t you? Yep, copy/paste. For me, if you could get it working with other apps I think it’d be really handy to work alongside other apps.

Aside from that I think some light effects could be nice too.

I think that for the price of just over a cup of coffee this app is great value. Straightforward to use, well designed interface and good high quality sound makes this a great app to work with.

O-Generator Acoustic Music Maker - O-Music Ltd

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SoundPrism on sale

SoundPrism from Audanika is on slae for valentines day. The price is down to $1.99.

SoundPrism - Audanika GmbH

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PocketAmp – Guitar Amp and Effects

PocketAmp – Guitar Amp and Effects drops in price down to $6.99.

PocketAmp - Guitar Amp and Effects - Checkeffect.net

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SynthX for the iPad arrives

Announced at NAMM Way Out Ware’s SynthX has arrived for the iPad. Here’s what you can expect:

Beginner or pro, SynthX is great fun and candy for your ears and eyes.

You can chose to play using the intuitive XY mode that automatically makes every touch tuned to the selected scale, grid mode where you explore harmonies in a fun new way, and the keys mode that provides a standard piano keyboard.

Built using Way Out Ware’s award winning virtual analog technology and heavily optimized for the iOS operating system, SynthX delivers a great looking and sounding analog experience to the iPad.

A mathematically modeled synthesizer, SynthX contains no samples. As a result, it is very small in size, yet it has an extremely large and professionally design sound library.

An effects chain including distortion, flanger, delay and limiter are included. Additionally, a separate identical effects chain is provided to process an external signal connected to the iPad’s audio input.

SynthX has been designed from the beginning for the iPad and multi-touch. It has a comprehensive MIDI implementation using CoreMIDI including MIDI Note send and receive and MIDI Beat Clock LFO sync.

You can also record your performances within SynthX and use Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy to share your performance with other iPad apps. It also supports iTunes file sharing which allows you to drag your performances in full quality into your favorite digital audio workstation.

Warning: SynthX can be habit forming. Please be sure to reserve time for it’s use.

P.S. No natural sounds were harmed during the creation of this app.

The app is priced at $9.99.

SynthX - Way Out Ware, Inc.

iPads at the Apple Store

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5 comments on “CP 1919 by strange agency”

CP 1919 by strange agency

CP 1919 from strange agency on Vimeo.

I don’t know if this is coming to iOS or something else completely. The video description says:

A fluid simulation drives a stack of detuned oscillators, brings pleasure to initiated and otherwise, facilitates the making of musick. New synth coming ASAP from The Strange Agency to your local App Store.

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1 comment on “DS as an alternative mobile paint platform”

DS as an alternative mobile paint platform

Pierre is talking about the DS as a mobile painting platform in this post at IAMDA.

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Theremin(Android APP) and IDEOS and Stylus

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Chord Dectector fix now in the app store

Chord Detector has been fixed now. The new version is in the app store, and is still priced at $2.99.

Chord Detector - Martian Storm Ltd.

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1 comment on “iDousyn for iPad”

iDousyn for iPad

Not sure what to make of this, the interface pictures are very dark indeed.

iDousyn is a monophonic synthesizer which includes a voice recorder and a drum to complement the musical experience with a simple graphical interface for all general public.

iDousyn - JRicrosis graphical

iPads at the Apple Store

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OMGuitar on sale

OMGuitar is on sale with the price down to $7.99.

OMGuitarâ„¢ Advanced Guitar Synth - Amidio Inc.

iPads at the Apple Store

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