I’m not sure if this will be an iPad 2 only app or not, but even so it says to me that maybe Apple are starting to take mobile music more seriously on the iPad.

The first indication was of course CoreMIDI, but adding Garage Band to the iPad makes me think that they are moving more into mobile music creation. I hope it continues, and I hope that at some point we see Logic move over to iOS.

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  1. Looks cute and fun. A definite purchase.

    Having read through all the details on the Apple site it appears more aimed at the fun end of the market, very preset based.

    Looking forward to it but I don't think this spells the end of independent music apps.

  2. Looks hot!
    Sure, it's not a cutting edge synth or innovative music app, but it looks like an awesome sketch pad for songs.
    Desktop GB compatibility (one-way, for now?) means a track started on an iPad can be moved into Logic.

    According to Peter Kirn, “Apple tells CDM that the software is compatible with both the original iPad and the new iPad 2.”

    Woo hoo! I wonder, though, if the touted velocity-sensitivity is dependent on the gyroscope in the new iPad.

    Many are expressing concern about the $5 price hurting other app sales, but I think this is good news for music app developers who offer different feature sets. A whole lot more people are going to get into using iPads for music making.

  3. I think that $5 price tag indicates Apple's attitudes about what pricing of apps should be. Frankly, I'd like to see apps stay on the cheap side. Whether or not devs will actually feel a pinch in their sales because a more popular brand with a better app has a cheaper price is yet to be seen.

  4. Many of us who are long time Logic users see Garage Band as a bane, diverting resources to low-end consumer music stuff, thereby slowing down evolution of the pro applications (e.g. Logic Pro and MainStage).

    In the meantime, competitive pro DAW developers are catching up to and surpassing Logic.

  5. I like the possibility that you can export audio files to the iTunes library. Is this something you can only do with the new version of iOS, or is apple just keeping this feature for it's own apps ?
    It really is something I can't do without a computer, and it's quite annoying.

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