Sami’s Set up

Thanks to Sami for sending in these pictures of his set up. Looks great to me. Clip to Evernote


  1. Yes that is a lovely tangle of cords. I have most of the stuff in the picture except the SS25 and mini mixer. That looks so fun I think I'm off to buy the SS25 and a cheap mixer this afternoon.

  2. That doesn't look very mobile to me 😛

    Just kiddin, great setup!! Makes me want to post a photo of my “semi-mobile” rig.

  3. It does beg the question of what makes a rig “mobile” and when does it not become so? Laptops, for example, are out of the purview of this particular blog, but one could make the case that a laptop and a controller is more “mobile” than a rig exemplified by this picture.

    That being said, VERY cool setup!!! That must be a ton of fun!

  4. Well, I guess my setup is more “portable modular” than mobile 🙂 … but still easier to move around than my PC workstation and the hardware synths, and a lot more fun to fool around than a laptop. If only there were a way to beat sync the idevices via bluetooth or wifi.

    The stuff in this setup: old iPhone 3G (mostly Bebot or Loopseque mini), my wife's iPod 2G (on SS25 with Synthstation or Nanopad), iPad with Ampkit Link and CCK (usually running iMS-20, 50-in-1 Piano, Looptastic HD or Ampkit), iPhone 4 with iRig (running Filtatron, Ampkit or Thumbjam), Korg Monotron wired to fx loop on the cheap Tapco mixer.

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