modAxis price drop

The price of this iPad instrument has dropped from $3.99 to $0.99. The iPhone version remains free.

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2 thoughts on “modAxis price drop”

  1. It's also had an update today (v2.0);

    – OSC Output is added.
    – 4th Double Tap is added to lock the other circle object to move them around and automatically move them.
    – Enable to change text position for left-hand user.

    I managed to get all 3 hoops bouncing crazily all round the screen of their own volition, am desperately trying to work out how that happened – it was pretty cool.


  2. From the developer's website;

    “The 4th touch double tap function. The monitor will be flashed when you tap twice(double tap action).
    This function lock the all three object to space. That means they won't be disappear from screen. Also, you can throw these circle obejects and each objects moves around and bounce on walls in space. they have friction in space, so they will be eventually getting slow. the speed of movement will be define by the distance between point you grab and the point you throw out.
    You can unlock objects when you double tap anywhere on screen”


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