Noise Boxx for iPhone

A new noise maker for iOS. Thanks to Piet for sending me an email about this app. Here’s the details:

Noise Boxx is just what the name says: it’s a box which makes noise. But it makes very cool noises, and you are in complete control!

For the audio-techies among you: Noise Boxx is a Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO), which can be linked to a Voltage Controller Oscillator (VCO) and a noise generator.

For the not-so-audio-techies: Noise Boxx is an app with a virtual keyboard and five dials, which you can combine to make the most awesome of noises!

Just fiddle with the rate and intensity of the LFO, change the VCO’s pitch to something absurdly high and observe the reaction of people and animals around you.

But don’t just be annoying! Noise Boxx can also be used as a real instrument. Consider it a synthesizer without the piano lessons! Just listen to a beat or song and play along on your Noise Boxx!

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  1. To celebrate the release of Noise Boxx, we're giving away free promocodes! We hope you like our product and are willing to test it.

    Any feedback (pun intended), positive or negative, is welcome!


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