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  1. I'm sorry, but this looks nothing more than a gimmick. I mean what will the Fairlight app do that Nanostudio or Beatmaker, not to mention Jasuto, can't? And please don't say “the 3D waveform”, because that's really cheesy too.

    I mean who in their right mind will tip the iPad up to look at a messy bunch of wireframe images? Originally the 3D waveform map was supposed to be a serious tool in additive synthesis- but this is laughable.

    Okay I admit that there is no reason that an app like this can't be done, but for what reason? Apart from being post modern and 'retro'.

  2. I want to feel the gel blowing through my hair.

    For a run through the sample library alone would be worth the price.

    Though I still have the hair for this thing, (not to mention a skinny tie and orange parachute trowsers) do I have the 1% of the origional retail cost to play with it.

    People love recreations of old hardware so I can see this as being a first for the digital equipment world.

    To bad MJ did not live to see this didn't he tour with 3 of these. Somthing like this could have given a much needed face-lift to his comeback tour. Does it have a “Rubba Room” reverb preset?

  3. I wonder how accurate the output modeling is. I actually would value accurate modeling of Fairlight sample output with custom samples.

    For reference of how much a *good* vintage sampler emulation in software form goes for, check out Morgana VST:

    So $20 for an ipad/iphone vintage sampler emu (provided that it is of a decent quality) seems like a good deal.

    Also… No Afrika Bambaataa? WTF Fairlight?

  4. Stevie used it=i'm interested. Want to hear some samples. I like that they put Uzu in the app too!

    I feel like the iMS is enough for me and my ipad for a while though. But I am interested

  5. Nope, sorry I can't join in the hate on this. It's a bit of nostalgic fun and, for those of us who gazed in awe at the machines back in the day, a chance for a play to see what the interface was really like. In all fairness it will probably sound naff compared to the latest and greatest, and I'm no Stevie Wonder, Jan Hammer or Jarre, but I think it looks retro-cool :o)

  6. They just need to get things into perspective, is all. @ that price point, they'll sell about 50.

    At $5, they may sell 1000 or more.

    You do the math.

  7. I think it's a great idea but would really like to hear what the app sounds like in their next ad. I've got a feeling we've only heard the hardware so far.

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