You know you’ve got a great bit of software in front of you when you keeping finding things and thinking ‘wow, that’s really useful’, and ‘I didn’t know they’d put that feature in’.

Well that’s how I feel about DrumTrackHD. I’ve always like the iPhone/Touch version of the app and I was really pleased when the iPad version came out. The interface is very similar so the learning curve from one app to the other is quite short.

However there’s plenty of features in the new HD version of this excellent drum machine. I’ve really enjoyed the additional screen space with the iPad version. It’s made a big difference to workflow within this app.

One of the great things about DrumTrackHD is the level of control over each step in your pattern. Each step has individual volume, pan, pitch control and gives you just want to for you patterns especially with up to 16 tracks in the pattern too.

All of the export options that were there in the original, which makes it an easy addition to your existing workflow.

I also like the new FX in the app. Overall this is a great drum machine for the iPad and I hope that it will continue to get better and better.

Overall I like this app because it is simple to use with plenty of options to configure it

DrumtrackHD is priced at $9.99

DrumtrackHD - Simple Is Beautiful

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  1. This review is spot on. I have been very impressed with this app, and highly recommend it. It's an excellent drum programmer with loads of useful features and great exporting options. Sounds awesome, too!

  2. Sure. Now how the F does one create a new, blank song? The help section is notably unclear about it.

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