This is completely off topic but I thought I’d ask as I know someone will have an answer.

I’ve got a mac mini that I want to use with my MacBook but without a screen or keyboard, so I want to control the whole thing from my MacBook. First off, is that possible, and how could I do it?

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  1. Sure, although you will need screen and keyboard to set it up 😉
    You can control your Mac mini via “Screen-Sharing”. We've some macminis setup this way, works like a breeze. Don't expect responsive refresh rates, cause all graphic information has to be sent over the (W)LAN.

  2. Snow Leopard already has screen sharing built in. No need to wait for Lion. Screen Sharing is a VNC server. Use Chicken of the VNC to connect to it.

    If you had a monitor, you could use Synergy to control both computers as one with a single keyboard/mouse.

  3. You'll need a monitor/keyboard/mouse to set it up – enable screensharing on both machines in system preferences.

    Then select the Mac Mini in the Sharing section of a finder Window on the MacBook and click on Screen Sharing.

    Login with Mac Mini admin user name – sorted.

    The previous poster mentioned iOS apps to be able to do this. There are free ones but by far the best one I have found is iTeleport. Simple setup and ability to control across the Internet.

    Splashtop is another alternative but allows you to stream audio/video (and hence flash content) directly to an iPad.

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