Can anyone help with this?

This is completely off topic but I thought I’d ask as I know someone will have an answer.

I’ve got a mac mini that I want to use with my MacBook but without a screen or keyboard, so I want to control the whole thing from my MacBook. First off, is that possible, and how could I do it?

All help gratefully received. Clip to Evernote

7 responses to “Can anyone help with this?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Sure, although you will need screen and keyboard to set it up😉
    You can control your Mac mini via “Screen-Sharing”. We've some macminis setup this way, works like a breeze. Don't expect responsive refresh rates, cause all graphic information has to be sent over the (W)LAN.


  2. Anonymous says :

    Have a look at TeamViewer (it's free for non-commercial use)


  3. Miguel says :

    There's also VNC. Here's some background:


  4. Tom says :

    Alternatively, just wait for 10.7 Lion, because Lion's going to come with a lot of these feature built in.


  5. Anonymous says :

    Snow Leopard already has screen sharing built in. No need to wait for Lion. Screen Sharing is a VNC server. Use Chicken of the VNC to connect to it.

    If you had a monitor, you could use Synergy to control both computers as one with a single keyboard/mouse.


  6. robman84 says :

    +1 for VNC. There are some great free VNC clients for iOS too, so fantastic for controlling with an iPad or even an iPhone.


  7. HK says :

    You'll need a monitor/keyboard/mouse to set it up – enable screensharing on both machines in system preferences.

    Then select the Mac Mini in the Sharing section of a finder Window on the MacBook and click on Screen Sharing.

    Login with Mac Mini admin user name – sorted.

    The previous poster mentioned iOS apps to be able to do this. There are free ones but by far the best one I have found is iTeleport. Simple setup and ability to control across the Internet.

    Splashtop is another alternative but allows you to stream audio/video (and hence flash content) directly to an iPad.


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