I’ve been playing with this app for a few days both on the iPad and iPhone, and it is a really nice app. Great for mucking about with some keyboard ideas or just doodling.

But that’s not what I wanted to write about here. I was playing with the lessons in the app, and they are great fun. If anything I think these ‘lessons’ good go a lot further then they do now. I think that they would be great for game center. For kids the lessons are a great way to get them into trying to get better at playing songs.

If you’ve got children I’d say this is well worth checking out.

50in1 Piano HD - Alexander Gross

iPads at the Apple Store

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  1. Also, the problem with 50in1 Piano's 'lesson' feature is that the songs have to be coded, with Synthesia you simply use any MIDI file that you can find on the internet. If 50in1 Piano used midi files It would definitely become much more popular. There could even be options in Safari to, “Open in 50in1 Piano” when you open .MID files, in addition to iTunes file sharing.


  2. I like the idea of opening MIDI files!

    Anyway, what I'd like to see in this app is lesson “levels”. At the moment it shows you the note to press and waits for you to press it. It's great for beginners but a little easy. I reckon then it should do the song again either not waiting (so you have to get the timing right) or not showing you the notes (so you have to get the note right without seeing it above the key before it moves on). Final “level” would be not stopping and not showing the notes, so it scores you on your accuracy.

    An existing way to make it more of a challenge and more of a learning experience is to use it with a midi keyboard – gets a lot harder!

    Of course this could be combined with showing the sheet music too to become a more general music teaching app!


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