First peek at Tympanum coming next week

It has been a long time coming. A new app from miniMusic, a development company that have been involved in mobile music from the very start on Palm OS and now iOS.

I have no idea what the app is like or what it will do or anything. What I do know is that it’ll have something to do with the three images here:

 The first is the sequence from BeatPad, the Palm OS sequencer from miniMusic. The second is from AxisPad, a great theremin app, and the third is from SpinPad, a demo app that never got into production from miniMusic.

So what have all of those got to do with this? I don’t know as yet, but I hope we’ll get some more clues next week. Clip to Evernote


  1. wow, thats really exciting, those where the 3 mini music palm apps I really loved (and still like to play with to this day). Spinpad in particular I thought was awesome, I bugged them a few times by email to make a complete version, I really liked the idea.
    : )


  2. And don't forget NotePad. There's still nothing like it on iOS for jotting stuff down fast, with its ability to switch between notation, piano roll, and keyboard. My all-time favourite mobile app for anything.

    I'm going to stick my neck way out here and say that something called Tympanum might, just might, be some kind of drum app…

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