Just a quick reminder that bleep!Synth is free today.

bleep!Synth - White Noise Audio Software

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  1. It's certainly a great synth and worth downloading since it's free right now. I don't know if I would spend money on it… because while it sounds good, and has a lot of sound design potential, the UI really makes editing a pain, imho. I actually never got beep!box for the same reason, cumbersome and difficult to use. I never understood why people said it was simple and easy…
    Just as an example: changing between the pages could be a lot simpler, having 7 buttons to navigate among the pages would be a lot easier than having to tap and drag the one button, often missing the page you're looking for. Parameters on the pages take up a huge amount of space, forcing you to scroll around a lot, while you could easily fit everything on one page. I played around with it for some time, but I haven't one patch, since it's just too frustrating…

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