Now there’s an iPad version of Filterer called filtererMoPixels. It is a separate app from the iPhone version and that’s because. according to the developer, the two apps are going in different directions. So here are the details:

Filterer is a chunky little low-pass filter with resonance and an LFO.

Here’s the feature-list…

  • first finger down on the screen has X-Y touch control over the filter cutoff and filter resonance.
  • second finger down on the screen has X-Y touch control over the LFO speed and LFO amount.
  • a ‘hold frequency’ function for the filter cutoff.
  • touch the screen with 3 fingers to bring up the ‘tweaks’ page that will let you change the maximum values for the filter cutoff and filter LFO. By default they are set to 5KHz and 5Hz respectively, and the maximum for each are 15KHz and 15Hz.

The application will either process audio from the iPad’s microphone (either the in-line one on your headphones or the one you speak into when not using a headset/headphones), or from any incoming signal through the 4-pole headphone connector.

To process line-level audio with the application you a device similar to the iRig from IK Multimedia but any set of cables that enables you input audio into your iPad would be fine. For the best signal, you will need to match the impedance of your line-in signal to the iPad’s input.

You will require a minimum of iOS 4.2 on your iPad to run this application.

The app is priced at $0.99

filtererMoPixels - glidepro

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