NLog Maker’s workspace

This is a truly awesome workspace from maker of the equally awesome NLog. Clip to Evernote

4 thoughts on “NLog Maker’s workspace”

  1. Hi Pighood,

    basically I would make NLogSynth PRO universal. But it would work only for devices with decent CPUs like the 4G iPhones & iPod touches. Maybe also 3GS but with reduced polyphony.

    It is on my list and I am halfway through, but there are things before to finish like the next updates for “NLog MIDI Synth” and “NLogSynth PRO” and for sure the OSX version.



  2. I'd be perfectly happy with 4 note polyphony on my 3GS. How many more fingers can one place on the screen at a time anyway? 😉 But i do plan to get the successor to the iPhone 4 when it comes out, hopefully in the summer.

    Will the OS-X version be either a standalone or an audio unit?


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